Welcome to SANCRA East Bay!

East Bay SANCRA continues to provide many of the services listed below which were goals of the original organization in 1969.

•Organize tournament competition for teams in all sports below the championship level on a true recreational basis.
•Provide a common meeting ground for the exchange of ideas between agencies and professionals.
•Provide standardization of rules and playing conditions throughout the East Bay Area.
•Provide up to date training materials for officials and coaches.
•Provide the framework for expanding the various youth and adult sports programs.
•Provide Sports grants to deserving community sports organizations on an annual basis.
•Provide a forum for communication with other related sports associations such as ASA, USSSA, BAPPOA, CPRS, NPRA, and other SANCRA Sections.
•Conduct tours of facilities, training workshops, and institutes related to a variety of sports programs.
•Provide a variety of fund raising and social events such as Golf Tournaments, Agency staff tournaments, A's Games etc. in order to support the organization.

To become a member please download a SANCRA East Bay application